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Technical support

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From initial concept to final packing, edco maintains total control throughout the entire process. Design, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and assembly are all done within our responsibility to ensure the highest possible quality for our customers. Different to companies that reserve their high-end parts for only their premium lines, edco builds each wheel in every series using only the highest-quality components available. High-precision hubs, spokes from world leading manufacturer and stainless steel bearings are used.

We never compromise on quality.

If you have and question around our products do not hesitate to ask or visit us.



in case it happens…

In case of an accident or breakdown edco has an additional service to repair or replace your wheel at a reduced price as to be agreed during the process of ECP. You can take advantage of edco's ECP within the first 2 years after the original purchase and if you're the original owner. ECP only accepts wheels when information regarding model, serial number and a copy of your invoice are included.

Note that the ECP prices are per wheel and only valid when approved and confirmed from edco ( to the client. It includes the rim and labour but excludes spokes, nipples, bearings and transport costs.


Q & A

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Q: If I want to buy something from edco what do I do?
A: Check if the products are available via your local dealer. In case you don’t find a shop with our products use our online shop or send us an email:

Q: Why is product registration important?
A: In case of service or warranty it is our key identifier to support you in the best way. If you have registered your wheels with us everything goes faster, better and also cheaper for all of us.

Q: I have a technical question. How do I find help?
A: Send us an email with your technical question:; if you have a generic question about edco:

Q: I need spare parts from edco?
A: Visit our shop or contact us:



we are proud of our products.

edco is very proud of the products we design, engineer, and produce. edco warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, including spoke breakage, for a period of two years after the original purchase. edco will, at its discretion, repair or replace the edco product found to be defective based on the terms of this warranty.

edco also reserves the right to provide a full refund in the amount stated on the original invoice or bill of sale. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. Claims under this warranty may be initiated through the retailer where the edco-equipped bicycle or the edco component was purchased, or directly with edco. Warranty is only valid when original proof of purchase is provided and the wheels have been registered with edco.


Warranty claim

in case something went wrong.

Before sending anything to edco keep us informed about your issue. We are happy to assist you to get the issue re-solved. If you are sending an item to us, fill in the following form for warranty request and enclose it in the package, please.

You can contact us by email:



warranty request

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Product registration

thank you for purchasing an edco product | product registration is key.

Please register your product using this form. Fill in the form and send it us via email to



product registration

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